Chapter 8

To me the difference between a reputable business and a less reputable or sketchy one is the design of their website. In this modern world if your business doesn’t have a webpage or at least a Facebook page it is a warning sign for me. With the exception of the hole in the wall, local finds that don’t need any new business every business these days needs to have some sort of presence on the internet. When comparing businesses I look at their webpages to see what I am really getting and the main difference between the business I choose and the one I delete from my mind forever is the upkeep of their webpage and the presence of graphics on their website. If I go to your restaurant webpage and there is one link to menus and a picture from clip art I probably will not go any further. Graphics can be any type of visual presentation that is displayed on a physical surface. They can be anything from pictures, symbols, drawings – which is almost anything . The options are endless of types of graphics that can be used which is why it is so important to include them in a webpage. There are so many options that everyone has them, or should, and so the better quality or better use of the graphics increases the quality of the webpage. For example, a boutique located in the town I am from has a large social media following and is doing pretty well for a small town boutique. They have a website that offers online shopping but the graphics are horrible. It is literally a clip art drawing of a shopping bag and the name of the boutique. When I visit their website I am actually discouraged to buy from them because of the lack of graphics and effort put into their webpage. With the amount of access to good graphics and graphic designers we have in today’s world I expect every business to use the resources they have in order to make their business better and until they do they will lose me.

Chapter 7

This chapter focuses on web design which after the summer of 2014 I have grown to appreciate much more than I ever thought I would know. Like I have said before I spend a lot of my time on the internet; streaming, shopping, or browsing. After I took a summer school class on the basics of web design and I have never looked at a web page the same since.

At first I thought learning Spanish would be hard and then I had to learn HTML. Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the language of web design and allows the user to communicate to the computer how they want the website designed. You don’t need any fancy software to create a webpage which is helpful to beginners.

It is important when creating a web page to make sure that all links are connected. Each web page starts with one home page. The home page can have many links which connect to other links and so on but it is important to make sure when designing the page that each link actually goes somewhere. Creating a site map is one way to ensure that all links are connected and aren’t leading anyone to a dead end.

Chapter 6

I spend a lot of time on the internet and see many different websites. It is hard to realize all that goes into making a webpage and making sure it all works. I have taken a website design class before so I have a little understanding to what goes into making a webpage and running it correctly. Each page requires an intricate design with links that lead it to a different page. Every website has a home page which is the beginning of each trail. Then there are breadcrumbs which lead the user to different pages but can still take them back to the home page. Another familiar feature of every website are footers which sit at the bottom of the page and contain links to other pages. As a senior a few months away from graduation I am constantly job searching and visit the footer section of almost every website looking for the ‘careers’ link. The more I learn about webpages the more I am amazed at something I didn’t usually put a lot of thought into.

Chapter 5

I spend most of my free time on the internet. Whether it is shopping for clothes, watching TV shows or even ordering food I use the internet and have to access different types of webpages. I have also taken a computer design and programming class so I do have some knowledge on how webpages and multimedia designs work.

One of my favorite activities is to shop online and many of my favorite websites use the Z-layout formation. Often, these websites have a sweep across the top of the page with links to new arrivals, tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes and accessories. The second flow sweeps diagonally across the center and is usually the space used to showcase the items for sale. The final flow sweeps across the bottom of the page which is usually the navigation to the contact information, about the company, links to social media or to other items of the page. To me the difference between a good and bad website layout is the amount of and the style of their headings. These items direct the attention of the user and need to be clear.

With the little knowledge I have of computer and website design and the large amount of experience I have with using websites it is easy to understand the different types of design layouts there are.

Chapter 4

I am the kind of person who likes things symmetrical. Everything in my room is arranged so that it is symmetrical. During the design process there is an emphasis on spacing and the perceptual forces affecting the frame. Perceptual forces include balance, continuation, figure-ground and psychological closure. To me as long as the frame is balanced I appreciate it. Symmetrical balance is comforting to me. I enjoy the similar shapes, sizes and colors that make up the symmetrical composition. On the other hand, asymmetrical balance is still balanced but there is a distinct difference between the shapes, sizes and colors in the pattern. When it comes to design and balancing the frame either symmetrical or asymmetrical balance can even work together just in the proper .. balance of both.

Chapter 3

During the 4th grade I learned the importance of planning out my projects and papers. I was taught many types of planning maps which helped organize my thoughts and make a better end product. Then we would use the planning maps to guide us during the project. Planning is an important part of production as well. There is one well known model called the Three P’s, which are Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production, that is used by film and video producers.

Pre-production is the beginning stage which includes steps such as problem identification, needs assessment, idea generating, and audience analysis. These steps are used to help establish a timeframe and cost of a project before it begins. If the producer is working with a client they may have a lot of contact during the pre-production stage in order to gather their ideas and make sure they are on the same page concerning the material, timeframe, budget and other factors.

The production step is the actual recording phase of the project. The production steps can include the work preparing for a shoot, the actual recording of the scenes and the breakdown of the set once it is over.

Post-production involves putting all of the work together and creating the final project. This part of the process involves putting on the final touches such as adding motion graphics and videos. A rough cut can be created many times before the final cut is released.

While there are only Three P’s in the production planning process completion of the entire process can be very time consuming. Depending on the scale of the project it could last a few days or a few years. Regardless of the size of the project, the production planning stages are the same each time and can be used in all productions.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Over winter break I saw the movie The Intimidation Game which is based off the story of Alan Turing and the creation of the modern computer. It is hard for me to think of a time where computers were not around. I can remember the age of no cell phones but I cannot think of a time in my life I went without a computer. I remember when I was very young, my Dad rocking me to sleep while simultaneously typing away at the computer. I remember having to wait for the dial up tone to get on the internet. I remember getting my first laptop and the ultimate freedom I had now that my computer was not connected to the wall and on a desk. I have watched the use of the computer transform throughout my lifetime but this has shown how influential this device is.

In 1946 a “computer” weighed 30 tons and filled up an entire room. Now, computers weigh around 2 pounds. Today we use computers for everything. Some of the first computers could only do basic math.  One thing that has remained consistent is the competition between Microsoft and Apple. Many know the creators of the two companies and many people have a strong preference between using an Apple or a Mac. I was 15 when I saved up enough money to buy my own laptop. It was an HP and had Microsoft Windows installed because that is what I had always used before. While I do have an iPhone, I struggle using an Apple computer. I can usually fix any probably I have with my PC but I have to Google how to copy and paste on an Apple. Compared to the computer I have now and the technology that is currently available it is hard to believe that the first personal computer had been created only 30 years before.


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